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Save time, gain clarity and get the overview you need.
Let me be your guide to understanding the details of Horizon 2020 

Congratulations on your Horizon 2020 grant! 

You made it through the needle of an eye and have gained access to EU’s research and innovation program. And now what?

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Invoices, stock refurbishment, use of existing equipment, freelancers and consultants, time sheets. Cost categories, financial statement, periodic reporting. I can support you in creating an overview and getting it right straight from the beginning.


Understanding – and complying with - the rules on the financial aspects of the grant are crucial for you to get your project-related costs covered by the EU as expected. They are also important in case you get a visit by the EU auditor, who then wants to see documentation for the costs you have reported to the EU.


If you are new to Horizon 2020 and you work as a project manager or as an accountant who is to implement the financial rules in your company or organization, you would benefit from my help.

What I offer

What I offer

This is how I can help you to get everything right from the beginning and to save time and effort when administering your H2020 project. 

Using my online training programs or 1:1 counseling provides you with a shortcut to the most important rules of Horizon 2020 financial project administration. I want you to succeed with daily routines and be on top of things instead of having to work everything out under time pressure up to the reporting deadline.

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Book me for a free online meeting where we briefly go through your needs and wishes with regards to a smooth administration of your H2020 project. 


The Beginner’s Guide to Horizon 2020 financial aspects.

Tightly focused on the needs of smaller companies and organisations.

Life time access to presentations and work sheets. Live Q&A sessions every three weeks.

What you can expect from the Online Training Course

You can expect content that was developed with the smaller company or organization in mind. To the newcomer to Horizon 2020, who has many things on their plate – but maybe only one or two H2020 projects.


You can expect tailor-made and straight-to-the-point online communication of the content that I, based on my concrete experience with my clients and their feedback, consider to be the most relevant information for you.


You will have lifetime access to the material, meaning that you can revisit it again and again.


And I will always be happy to answer your question in regular live online Q&As for all participants.

What you can expect
About Me


If you would like to book me for a free online meeting or hear more about my services:


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About Me

My name is Melanie Büscher and I have worked with EU’s research framework programs since 2007 (both FP7 and H2020). The first 10 years as official National Contact Point at the Danish Ministry of Science and Education with weekly contact to the European Commission. Since 2017 as self-employed consultant and H2020 trainer. And now as Research Consultant at the IT University of Copenhagen.


I still work as self-employed consultant in my spare time, because I simply love using my H2020 expert knowledge to make a difference for smaller companies and organizations that do not have a support system.

As certified trainer and facilitator, I pay particular attention to varying teaching methods. You have already discovered that I like using visualizations.


What else? I have an MS of Economics from Bonn and Berlin and  have worked with the EU institutions in Brussels. Now I live with three kids and two cats in Copenhagen. I am a passionate open water swimmer with some long-distance goals for 2020 on her mind.

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